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The Cryptics by Billy

24. září 2007 v 18:38 | matt |  BILLY MARTIN
I was lucky enough to be asked to do a 4 page guest spot in one of my favourite comics, The Cryptics. Written by Steve Niles and ilustrated by Benjamin Roman published by Image Comics. I get to draw it in my own style which is really awesome as well. Here's my take on Drac, Wolfy, Seaboy and Hyde.
Byl jsem hrozně šťastný, když jsem byl dotázaný jestli bych neudělal 4 stránky v místě pro hosty v jednom z mých oblíbených komiksů The Cryptics, napsaných Stevem Nilsem a ilustruvaným Benjaminem Romanem a vydávaným Image Comics. Dostal jsem za úkol je nakreslit podle sebe, svým vlasním stylem, což je opravdu úžasné. Tak tady jsou moji Drac, Wolfy, Seaboy a Hyde.
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Interview s Billym

15. září 2007 v 18:58 | macy |  BILLY MARTIN

Staci Layne Wilson / Horror.com: What is this latest project here? It looks like you've got quite a lot of people interested in it. [interview conducted at his booth signing at Gentle Giant for Comic-Con 2007]
Billy Martin:It's a children's book that I wrote and illustrated. It's something that I started and I've probably been working on it for the last two years or something like that.

Billy, Linzi & friends

15. září 2007 v 18:57 | maceta |  BILLY MARTIN
..nová fotečka našich snoubenců..

harry potter od billyho

15. září 2007 v 18:56 | maceta |  BILLY MARTIN

I'm sure you can tell by now that I like drawing characters after I see a movie I like. I saw Harry Potter the other night and it was as great as the rest of them. I think I'll read the last 2 books instead of watching the movies. I also wanted to try something new with this one so I colored it with Prismacolor markers. This was my first attempt at using them and they are really fun. I only had so many colors to choose from so some of the tones are a little off. It was meant to be quick and about trying out the new color technique. Hope you like it...
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billyho snape

15. září 2007 v 18:52 | maceta |  BILLY MARTIN